• Editorial

    Restoring Palmyra: Yes! Hastily: No!!!
    A motion aimed to encourage UNESCO to act as a neutral organization.



- If you witness any act of destruction or vandalism on a building or monument of historical or cultural value,

– If you witness looting of archaeological sites or museums,

– If you are aware of illicit trafficking of antiquities in your neighbourhood,

Please contact us and send a brief report, while being sure that your safety is scrupulously respected.
When possible, please take some photos and document the damages.
We will maintain the strict confidentiality of our informants.



We need the assistance of good will people for various matters.

- If you have some knowledge in archaeology, in assessing damages,

- If you have other skills that could be useful for our aims,

- If you want to serve in protecting and safeguarding the historical, archaeological and cultural heritage of Syria,

- If you simply want to devote some time for helping us, please contact us.